locsrv.in.8080 Login Online Exam – Locsrv in 8080 Online Examination

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locsrv.in.8080 Login Online ExamLocsrv in 8080 Online Examination 2024. exam.tnschools.gov.in login Portal Check.

Locsrv in 8080 Online Examination

Education department of Tamil Nadu introduce a new portal to help education institutions in the state conduct examinations. The name of portal is TN EMIS (Tamil Nadu Education Management Information System). It is a collective information management system for students and teachers. Under TN EMIS schools now have facility of locsrv 8080 examination through which they can conduct quick examinations for their students.

Students get their registration/log in ID after registration. The portal registration is free of cost and also provide instant results.

Name Locsrv 8080
Service Exam portal
Official name of service TN EMIS (Tamil Nadu Education Management System)
Department Department of school Education,Government of Telangana
Developed by C-DAC
Eligible Schools, Teachers, Students
Fee Free of cost
Contact [email protected]


Official website exam.tnschools.gov.in



What is LOCSRV 8080?

LOCSRV 8080 is an examination portal. It is introduced by Tamil Nadu government and developed by C-DAC. It is for use by schools to conduct examinations for students and teachers outside of school premises. There is only one requirement that is good internet connection.

Candidate can register themselves first and get log in ID. Later they can use these log in details and can access all the examination related information like admit card, hall tickets, details of their grades etc. Entire process is free of cost.

Locsrv 8080 examination is a simple online examination that includes 30 objective type questions. The biggest benefit of this portal is that the results are calculated on the spot. Right when the exam is over upon clicking submit. The candidate gets instant result of the test.

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What is TN EMIS?

Tamil Nadu Education Management System is official website launched by Department of school education,Telangana (tnschools). It is a centralised database to keep records of all the schools in telangana. It includes details about students, teacher, non-teaching staff, education courses, funds assigned, sanitary status etc.

For students it is helpful in accessing their educational resources, check the status of schools, participate in new courses and many more without having to make any physical efforts.

For teachers it is helpful in maintaining records of their class, access training modules, share study material with students that is important. They can also check the progress of students and themselves.

TN EMIS is an innovative step to digitise education system of the state. It makes the entire education information management more efficient and easy to manage. Since the registration and usage is free of cost, it is highly economical.

Eligibility for TN EMIS-locsrv 8080

  • School/Student/ Teacher must belong to state of Tamil Nadu only

Benefits of TN EMIS Lcsrv 8080 log in:

  1. One time registration for both students and teachers.
  2. Simplified and transparent data management.
  3. Exam can be taken by candidate from anywhere with an active internet connection.
  4. Eradicates unsustainable pen-paper system for exams.
  5. Instant results save time and help candidates improve.
  6. Unifies the school of entire state.
  7. TN EMIS Saves money of both schools and candidates

Locsrv 8080 log in and registration process:

  1. Go to official website of TN EMIS exams to Register themselves for locsrv 8080 otr. Locsrv.in.8080. Registration page opens
  2. Enter your details like DOSE code, Name, mobile number. Click register.
  3. Upon proper verification you receive your registration ID which you can use for login next time. Set a password and now your registration is complete.
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Locsrv 8080 exam login

  1. Go to official portal of locsrv.in.8080 and click on ‘log in’
  2. Enter your Username and Password.
  3. Click on sign-in.

click this to go to official TN schools website for more information : exam.tnschools.gov.in login

go to locsrv 8080 portal login or  registration – click this

to register on Tamil Nadu education department’s official TN EMS portal regiter yourselfclick here

What is Locsrv 8080 exam?

It is portal for schools and institutions of Tamil Nadu to conduct various tests for their students and staff online. Once the school registers themselves they can provide the service to their students and staff. They can conduct exam anytime and anywhere bringing transparency and efficiency in the process.

How can i register on Loscrv portal?

To register on the portal first your institution shall be registered on the portal. Then the institution gives registration credentials to their students/ staff at or before the time of exam. They shall then register on the portal and take their exam.

What is the fee for registration on TN Loscrv portal?

There is no registration fee to register on Loscrv portal for the users. They are simply going to register and take the exam.

Who are eligible to use TN Loscrv 8080?

Only the schools or educational institutions of Tamil Nadu can register on the portal. They can provide services to their students and staff anywhere and anytime.

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