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Klarna AI assistant 2024

Swedish FinTech company ‘Klarna’ launch its first and all-new AI application Klarna AI assistant. CEO and Co-founder Sebstian Siewiatowski took to X(formerly twitter) to share implementation results of software. Announcement was in addition to officially opening it up for public sales. Klarna is a 24/7 AI chat assistant mainly to enhance shopping and payment experience of customers. Implementation of this software in Klarna company turned out to be major success which CEO shared in his post.

It is powered by the parent company of Chat GPT. It’s a joint project for both of the companies. Klarna is a fintech giant and therefore has a lot to benefit from the software considering the huge customer base it serves.

Basic Info

Application Klarna AI assistant
Company Klarna AB Bank, Open AI
Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski
Klarna Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Contact Klarna Bank AB (publ). Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm. Organization number: 556737-0431
Official website www.klarna.com


Main highlights of announcement include the extraordinary results seen by the company after implementation of app like in reducing requirement of employees by 2/3rd, less problem resolving time, on-par customer satisfaction etc.

While boasting about the advantages of the software on X, the CEO of Klarna, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, say “it performs the equivalent job of 700 full time agents”.

Klarna Company went through a major lay-off of around 700 employees back in year 2022. This recent announcement is seen as a somewhat controversial move that indirectly support those past actions. However in a statement given to ‘Fast Company’ Sebastian clarify that the move is in no way related to the past lay-offs.

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Essentially, the thought this news should  trigger is that ‘how rapidly is AI growing and how long would we humans be able to stand against it? What we thought was going to happen in a few decades is happening even before we are prepared for it.

About Klarna company

Klarna bank AB is a Stockholm, Sweden based finTech company started in 2005. It is a ‘buy now,pay later’ based service provider. Consequently, it manages around 40% of all e-commerce sales that takes place in Sweden.

Revenues of around US$ 1.9 Billion and valuation of USD 45.6 Billion (in2021), it is known as Europe’s most valuable private tech company. In 2013 it merge with german SOFORT AG and became ‘Klarna Group’.

In May 2022 company announce lay off of around 700 employees with a list of names and personal contact. Overall 10% of total workforce globally lost their jobs mainly due to ongoing global economic conditions. Later as well in kept announcing such news until this year when its indirectly justifying the moves. Its also worth noticing that later in  May 2022 company’s valuation plummet to 6.7 Billion USD as they raised $800 million.


About Klarna AI assistant

Klarna AI Assistant is a 24/7 customers service virtual software which mainly provides exceptional experience to its customers. It is develop jointly with Open AI who still powers it. It was under testing phase until this month in Klarna itself.

According to recent announcement this software provides huge benefits and services to customers like:

  1. AI powered image search– users can click the photo of a product, search and buy product. They get all information about the product and see where can they buy it from.
  2. Shoppable videos– get video reviews and shopping related content in app
  3. Search and Compare tool– scan the bar code of product in store and get comparison information about where /how they can get it at best price.
  4. Highly rewarding programs– customers can earn upto 10% cash back on their total purchase under Klarna’s new cash back program.
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Click here to go to official website of Klarna and get all information

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