Earn tuffer (Tuffet, tuff) App – earntuffer.com Special Voice Screen Unlock

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Earn Tuffer (Tuffet, tuff) App – earntuffer.com Special Voice Screen Unlock 2024 Website.

Earn tuffer (Tuffet, tuff) App – earntuffer.com

This new app is a mod app launch by Earn tuffer itself. Earn tuffer launch in March 2024. It is a special voice enabled lock screen app which unlocks screen on the command of the user. It is an app to keep your phone safe and works along with your normal screen lock pins and passwords. Earn Tuffer special voice screen unlocks the phone in a very smart and hand-free way.

Earn Tuffer app[v 2.1] is mod apk file which means it is not available officially on google play store. The users can download these versions from any authentic website for free.

Name Earn Tuffer mod apk[v 2.1]
developer Earn tuffer
Launch date 4 March 2024
Feature Smart voice screen lock
Available for android
Size 22 MB
Purchase Free


who is Earn tuffer?

Earn tuffer is an online media hub which has a variety of mod apps under its name. There are various apps like changing walpapers, money earning apps, reviews of all other mod apk apps etc. Users can go to official website and checkout their other options available.

What is Earn Tuffer/tuffet/tuff mod apk?

Earn tuffer is a smart voice-enabled phone unlock app. With the help of this app users can unlock their screen lock with their voice command. There are many more interesting features in the app launched by Earn tuffer which allows various customisations for users. For example they can choose from a series of Earn Tuffer 5 HD backgrounds that come with the app, or they can set their lock screen fonts, or they can even add another type of lock (like password or pin) along with the voice lock.

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It is a modded app which means the apps that are reworked copies of the original mobile apps that  comes with them. These are not officially available to download on google play store but are free to download. These provide additional user benefits like ad blocking and customisations over above the risk they carry.

Benefits/Feature of Earn Tuffer mod apk

  1. Smart voice lock technology: Earn Tuffer app is a smart way to keep your Android phone safe. Instead of typing or drawing something to unlock your phone, you can just say your password out loud.
  2. Additional locks available: Sometimes if it’s too loud or if for some reason the app can’t hear you it wont work. Therefore this app lets you set up a backup plan. You can pick a number code (PIN) or draw a pattern.
  3. Customisable screens and fonts: lets you change how your lock screen looks with cool wallpapers so it can match your style. You can pick one of the 5 HD backgrounds that come with the app, or set up a theme you like more.
  4. Add free: The entire download and use of app is add free and doesn’t require any payments. Making it truly beneficial for users in all sense.

Steps to download Screen tuffer [v 2.1]

  1. Go to a trusted website
  2. Click on the link provided to download the mod version of app.
  3. The download begins automatically.
  4. Click on install when the file is downloaded and give necessary permissions.
  5. Tuffer mod apk is successfully install and ready for you to open.
  6. Set up lock and navigate to the app’s settings and select ‘Voice Unlock.’ Follow the prompts to record your voice password, ensuring clear and consistent enunciation for accurate recognition.
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Some advantages and disadvantages of app

Advantages Disadvantages
Smart voice lock

·Additional locking tools like PIN and patterns too.

Super customisable and lets you switch up the look with nice wallpapers.

Ads free and regular updates

May have trouble with loud places.

Needs a strong password, so it’s not easy to guess.

Might use more battery because of the extra features.

Needs internet sometimes for best performance.


check official Earn Tuffer collective website – earntuffer.com

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