How to Apply Online for Calabria Italy Offer (26 Lakh), Citizenship, Relocation Application Form

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Official Website for Calabria Italy Offer (Relocation Application Form) How to Apply Online for Citizenship

Calabria Regional Government launch The Active Residency Project, Calabria Italy Offer in Hindi, Italian Currency to INR stands at 90 Rs per Euro , Indians need to apply for Calabria Visa for Indian, Calabria Relocation Application can be filled after 90 days of stay in Calabria. There are many Calabria jobs for Indian, After 90 days of visit the resident shall establish their residency and fill italy Calabria Application Form, Italy Calabria Citizenship for India, calabria application to move to Italy permanently

Calabria Italy Offer – How to Apply Online for Citizenship


  • Italian government open applications for its Active Residency Project or Calabria Italy offer.
  • Individuals who are adults under the age of 40 years can apply for Italian citizenship.
  • They government is offering around 26 Lakh rupees, a house and Italian citizenship to foreigners who fulfil all requirements.
  • The candidates need to immediately relocate to Calabria and stay for atleast 90 days on their own means before applying for Italian citizenship.
  • Foreigners can apply for citizenship by descent, naturalization or marriage.

If you want to move to Italy and earn money at the same time then this latest news is for you. Italian government is offering citizenship by descent in Italy for those who want to settle in the country permanently. The program is known as Calabria Italy offer. Calabria is a region in Italy with around 320 villages which are altogether offering foreigners money to settle in their vicinity. Italian citizenship is one of the most sought-after citizenship in the world with its passport being one of the most powerful passports in the world. Italian passport offers visa-free arrival in 195 countries. The people who move and settle in Italy will get £ 28,000 during the course of three years. Along with this the immigrants shall also get a house to live in. Italy Calabria Citizenship for Indians is attainable through naturalization, descent or marriage.

The only condition in this program is that the immigrants shall establish a business in the residing area to boost employment opportunities and economy. Candidates who are non-citizens of Italy and under 40 years of age with enough financial support are eligible to apply for Calabria Italy offer. Eligible candidates can apply on VFS Global official website.


Name Calabria Italy Citizenship offer
Project name Active Residency Project
For Non-citizens of Italy who want Italian citizenship
Application mode Online
Age for Calabria Italy offer. 18-40 years
Benefits € 28,000 per month and a house for 3 years
Requirements for Calabria Italy offer Italian VISA
Italian VISA application portal VFS Global
Minimum requirement of stay before application 90 days
Fee of Italian Visa for Indians Rs 7200 (for adults)

Rs 3600 (minors)

Number of Villages participating 11
Contact 91 22 67866004
Official website


What is Calabria Italy offer?

Calabria is a region in Italy which is famous for its beautiful scenery. However, despite its attractive nature the population of the region is declining over the years. Therefore the villages in Calabria along with Italian government is offering this program to attract young individuals who can relocate and uplift its condition. The Calabria Italy offer provides Italian citizenship and £ 28,000 to foreigners willing to move to small villages of Calabria and boost their economy. The Calabria Italy program offers a monthly income upto Rs 26 Lakhs for a duration of 3 years along with a house to live in.

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The candidates shall fulfil minimum eligibility criteria and some other requirements to get selected for program and later get Italian citizenship after relocating.

Eligibility criteria for Calabria Italy offer

  • Citizenship: The candidate shall not be a citizen of Italy. They must live outside of Italy before applying for this program.
  • Age: Candidate who are between the age of 18-40 years can apply for this program.
  • Educational Qualification: There is no academic qualification required as such but they must be qualified enough to undertake the formalities and settle well after relocating. They must also become proficient in Italian language.
  • Financial requirement: The individual must be financially capable of planning a tour to Italy on their own. They need to apply for VISA and buy plane tickets on their own. They need to stay and survive in Italy for atleast 90 days on their own before applying for this offer. Moreover after moving to Italy they need to establish a business of their choice within a period of 3 years.
  • Eligible modes of citizenship: Citizenship by descent, naturalization or marriage.

Benefits of applying for Italian citizenship

  1. Most powerful passport: Italian passport is one of the most powerful passport according to Henley Global Passport ranking index 2024. It offers visa-free access to 194 countries in the world.
  2. Citizenship of European Union: European Union is one of the most powerful organization in the world comprising of 27 European countries. Once you get EU citizenship then the you can freely travel between these member countries without any time restrictions.
  3. Powerful currency: Euro is the Italian currency which equals to around 90 INR. It comes under one of the worlds strongest currencies including USD, KWD, GBP etc. With this currency the financial opportunities for the citizens are insane.
  4. State-of-the-art infrastructure: The infrastructure of the country is also very famous in the world for being historical and modern at the same time. It preserves the history along with the technological advancement that it does. There are numerous facilities available to citizens without any high end rates.
  5. Powerful developed economy: Italy in itself is amongst the developed countries meaning its infrastructure, economy, society is at its best as it can be. Italy is 9th largest economy in the world and is a G7 member. It comes under one of the big exporting countries and is also 7th largest manufacturer.
  6. Quality Education and Healthcare: Italy is famous in the world for its Healthcare facilities at such low cost compared all other developed countries in the world. Italian citizens receive a tessera sanitaria (health card) for accessing national-level medical care and European Health Insurance card for covering medical expenses. There is free of cost or cheap education available for its citizens and foreigners.

Stages of applying for Italian citizenship

  1. Visit Italy- Person shall first plan an atleast 90 days trip to Italy (with or without family). During the stay they can make preparations for their citizenship by visiting nearby offices and arranging the basic documents.
  2. Submit Tax and immigration documents- Those who come from another EU country can simply obtain and submit “dichiarazione di presenza’’ to the local immigration office within 8 days of their arrival. Also submit Italian Tax code known as “codice fiscal” from the local “Agenzia Delle Entrante” in case you don’t have it.
  3. Extend your stay by Establishing residency– Purchase or rent a house to live in until you get accepted for the program. This is important to get familiar with the neighbourhood and establish your reputation among locals. The house should meet necessary criteria like ownership or lease procedure.
  4. Physical verification by authorities- the police from local station shall visit your house within 45 days of your residency to confirm your settlement.
  5. Application for Citizenship- Finally the candidate can apply for Italian citizenship by visiting the local citizenship office. Submit all the required documents to the clerk and give them time to verify your application.
  6. Residency Permit application- You can submit a Residency permit application to extend your stay beyond 90 days. It is an important requirement to stay beyond VISA duration.
  7. Approval of Citizenship- After your language test and verification your citizenship application is approved. You can obtain your Italian passport. The citizen shall also register with AIRE (Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero) to apply for citizenship at a local consulate.
  8. Citizenship ceremony– Once your citizenship is approved you take part in Citizenship ceremony along with your spouse within 6 months of approval. The citizen must take oath and present necessary documents.
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Important documents to apply for Calabria Italy offer

  • Photocopies of all vital certificates like birth, marriage, divorce, property, job, qualification etc. Ensure documents are certified copies of full form.
  • Ancestor’s Birth certificate from commune with parent’s name.
  • Proof of naturalization for ancestor.
  • Apostille copies of all documents mention above.
  • Translate documents into Italian (except for naturalization-related documents) if applying from an Italian consulate in USA.
  • Work VISA documents: Employment contract, No-objection letter from Indian employer, Current bank statement, Income tax return. In case applicant is Self-employed: Income tax return, company bank statement, licensing documents.
  • Study VISA documents: Admission certificate or proof of enrollment with Italian college, No-objection letter from current Indian institution.
  • Documents to produce after 90 days of visit: Residence permit national study visa. Evidence of enrollment and residence plans. For work visas, provide a salaried employment contract. Highly skilled workers with high salaries may apply for an EU Blue Card.

Conditions/requirement for Calabria Italy offer citizenship

  • Candidates must relocate to Calabria or designated village within 90 days of visit.
  • The newly relocated citizen shall start a business or work in the field required in the region they stay.
  • Candidates need to be fluent in Italian to apply for citizenship. They must produce a B1 level Italian pass certificate.
  • They will get a house to stay and a monthly salary upto Rs 26 Lakh for a duration of 3 years.

How to apply for Calabria Italy offer citizenship through marriage?

If you are a foreigner marrying an Italian citizen then you can apply for citizenship by marriage.

Eligibility criteria for citizenship through marriage

  • Person can apply for Italian citizenship after 3 years of their marriage to an Italian citizen if they are residing outside Italy. If they are residing in Italy then they can apply within 2 years of marriage.
  • Register marriage certificate with a local Italian consulate or commune.
  • Must learn and take B1 level Italian language test

Process of Calabria Italy offer citizenship through marriage

  1. If the person is living in Italy then they can apply through prefettura of commune with residency. If residing outside Italy then they can apply through local consulate.
  2. Gather all important documents like marriage certificate, residential certificate, B1 level Italian certificate.
  3. Submit documents to Ministry of Interior (Italy) portal. The approval process takes time from 24 to 36 months.
  4. Finally the person along with their spouse shall attend their citizenship ceremony within 6 months of citizenship grant.
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Process to apply for Italian Visa for Indians

  1. Go to website of VFS Global i.e
  2. Click on departure and destination country as India and Italy respectively.
  3. Click on Take me to website. You redirect to new page.
  4. Select and book appointment at an application centre. Application centres for Italian VISA are available in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bengaluru etc.
  5. Attend interview at VFS Global center.
  6. Wait for application to process. It takes an average time of 15-30 days to process an application so apply well in advance. In some cases it may take a whole month to process.

Financial requirements to get Italian VISA for Indians

Duration of Stay Amount (€) required on a daily basis
Per person Per head in group
0-5 days 269.60 212.81
6-10 44.93 26.33
11-20 51.64+36.67 25.82+22.21
Over 20 days 206.58+27.89 118.79+17.04


Documents to apply for Italian VISA

  • Full Schengen Visa application form.
  • Passport-size photos.
  • ID proof (Adhaar Card, PAN Card etc)
  • Indian passport/travel document (no older than 10 years, valid for at least three months after departure).
  • Travel and medical insurance (coverage up to €30,000).
  • Cover letter stating itinerary and purpose of visit.
  • Proof of civil status (e.g., marriage certificate).
  • Flight itinerary and proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of means of subsistence.

List of Villages participating in Calabria Italy offer

  • Aieta
  • Albidona
  • Santa Severina
  • Bova
  • San Donato di Ninea
  • Sant’Agata del Bianco,
  • Caccuri, Civita
  • Samo
  • Precacore

click here to go to official website of VFS global to apply for Italian VISA

click here to visit Italian portal for Calabari Italy offer application

What is Calabria Italy offer program?

Italian government is offering foreigners money and a house to settle in their villages of the region Calabria. They get upto R 26 Lakh per month for 3 years along with permanent Italian citizenship.

What is the age requirement for Calabria Italy offer?

The minimum age of applicant should be 18 to 40 years. Individuals above 40 years cannot apply for Calabria Italy offer.

What are the ways to acquire Italian citizenship through Calabria Italy offer?

According to this program foreigners can get Italian citizenship by naturalization, descent or marriage.

What is exchange rate of Euro to INR?

1 Euro=90.4 Rupees

What is the minimum duration of stay to apply for Calabria Italy offer citizenship?

A person must stay in Italy for atleast 90 days on VISA to become eligible to apply for citizenship through Calabria Italy program.

What is the amount of VISA application to Italy for Indians?

for adults the fee of VISA is around Rs 7200 (€ 80) and for minors it is around Rs 3600 (€ 40).

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    What’s up – 7340472390
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