(Adiyogi) Isha Life Rudraksha Online Free – Rudraksha Isha Registration 2024

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(Adiyogi) Isha Life Rudraksha Online Free – Rudraksha Isha Registration 2024. isha Foundation Free Rudraksha Missed Call Phone Number, Free Rudraksha from Sadhguru, sadhguru mahashivratri 2024, jaggi vasudev free rudraksha, sadguru.co.rd

Isha life foundation announce (adiyogi) Rudraksha Diksha. registration open for rudraksha diksha for free. Sadhuru’s foundation took  this rudraksha diksha initiation apply now.

(Adiyogi) Isha Life Rudraksha Online Free – Rudraksha Isha Registration 2024

On the coming eve of Shivratri, an exciting opportunity unveiled for devotees of lord shiva in a campaign called ‘Rudraksha Diksha’. Isha life foundation by Sadhguru announce registrations open for free Rudraksha delivery service. Registration for application is available on its official website. There are various other accessories available on website to purchase.

Isha life is foundation based in Coimbatore is established by Sadhguru in 1992. It mainly carries out educational and spiritual activities and doubles as an Ashram and Yoga centre.

Event Rudraksha Isha India free registration
Organisation Isha foundation
Key person Sadhguru
Dates 12 Feb-8 March 2024
Is rudraksha diksha free? Yes
Contact Sf No: 22/1A2 , Madampatti , Siruvani Main road, Coimbatore – 641010

Toll Free: +91 8010 479480

Official website isha.sadhguru.org/en/rudraksha-diksha


Isha Rudraksha Diksha India Registration 2024

Isha foundation has started this campaign called ‘Rudraksha Diksha’, Shiva’s tears of Ecstasy, to provide free rudraksha. Anyone is eligible for application and can go on tho official website of Isha foundation named as ‘Rudraska Dikhsha’. Registration is of free of cost. Maximum 3 rudraksha diksha registrations can be made on one mobile number. Package is expected to dispatch after 11 March so wait for rudraksha diksha delivery tracking information.

Rudraksha Diksha 2024 registration-apply

  1. Person can visit the website of mahashivratri rudraksha diksha and click on ‘receive for free’.
  2. Now Registration takes place for Isha yoga rudraksha diksha
  3. Enter your full name, email, Delivery address, Colony, address etc and enter your whats app number for OTP verification.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions then click next. Enter OTP received on phone and click Confirm OTP.
  5. Confirm delivery address.
  6. Make donation of any amount (Optional) or click ‘skip’. Your registration for Isha Rudraksha diksha is now complete.

What does Rudraksha Diksha 2024 package kit include?

  • Rudraksha- 2 units. Provides several physical, mental and spiritual benefits.
  • Isha Vibhuti- 1 unit. Sacred Ash consecrated in the presence of Dhyanlinga.
  • Abhaya Sutra- 1 unit. Specially consecrated thread that is supportive in fulfilling one’s ambitions and removing fear.
  • Adiyogi Image- 1 unit. A powerful inspiration and reminder for humanity that “ in is the only way out”.

Click here to visit official Rudraksha Diksha Registration website 2024


(adiyyogi) Mahashivratri Celebration 2024

Isha Sadhguru (adiyogi) Mahashivratri Celebrations 2024-registration open

On the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri on March 8, Sadhguru Isha foundation has announced an exciting celebration event know as ‘Mahashivratri celebrations’.It is a 2 day long even that includes pooja, Meditation,  Music and Cultural performances and many more. Event registration are live on website and anyone from any part of the world can apply and enjoy the festival.

Mahashivratri The campaign is collectively called ‘Mahashivratri & Maha Annadanam 2024’.

The main two-day event of Mahashivratri Celebration takes place on the final days of campaign and includes variety of activities for the visitors to enjoy. The registration takes place at official website of Isha foundation.

Event Mahashivratri Celebration& Maha Annadanam
Aim Celebration and fund raiser
Organisation Isha Foundation
Duration 8 days
Registration mode Online
Last date of booking seats 8 March
Contact Thenkailaya Bakthi Peravai,

Velliangiri foothills,

Ishana Vihar post,


Coimbatore – 641114

PH: +91 8300082000

Official website isha.sadhguru.org/mahashivratri


About Mahashivratri & Maha Annadanam 2024 Campaign

Mahashivratri & Maha Annadanam 2024 festival is an 8 day festival taking place at Isha Yoga centre. It is a celebration-cum-fundraising event that invites devotees  from around the world to experience the vibrant Indian festivals and might as well contribute to the society. This year the Pledged Goal of raising

Maha Annadanam is a sacred offering of food during the night after all the work. It is distribution of ‘Prasad’ to the attendees by the volunteers. During the 8 day festival Annadanam shall be offered every day. In the last 2 days the final celebrations take place which includes sadhana, musical and martial arts performances etc.

Devotees can become a part of this festivals by either joining free LIVE stream, Attend in person, Watch TV telecast or Watch at PVR Inox. Male Devotees can even enrol for Shivanga Sadhana during Mahashivratri by registering themselves on the official website. There is an application fee of Rs 350.

Process of tickets registration for Mahashivratri Celebration & Annadanam 2024

  1. Go to official website of sadhguru.org
  2. Click on ‘Register Now’. You get redirect to new website called ‘online.sadhguru’.
  3. Choose category/Bay where you would like to sit. These are 9 seating areas namely Tamiraparani, Tapi, Cauvery, Godavari, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Mahanadi, Yamuna and Ganga. The price range from free to Rs 50,000.

Mahashivratri Registration detailed online ticket price:

Seating Area Price (in Rs)
Tamiraparani Free
Tapi 250
Cauvery 500
Godavari 1000
Brahmaputra 2500
Narmada 5000
Mahanadi 10000
Yamuna 25000
Ganga 50000


  1. Choose number of seats you want.
  2. Make payment through you preferred online mode.
  3. Download you tickets.



(Adiyogi) Mahashivratri Celebration Event Schedule

Date Time Event
8 March 2024 6:00 pm Panch Bhuta Kriya
6:15 pm Bhairavi Maha Yatra
7:00 pm Adiyogi Divya Darshanam
7:15 pm Music, dance and Cultural performance
10: 50 pm Sadhguru Discourse and Midnight Meditation
9 March 2024 1:25 am Music, dance and Cultural performance
3:40 am Sadhguru- Brahma Muhurtha Discourse and Shambo Meditation
4:20 am Music,dance and cultural perfromanc
5: 45 am Sadhguru-Closing


Mahashivratri Celebration 2024 Performance Artists list

  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Gurdas Maan
  • Rathijit Bhattacharjee
  • Prithci Gandharv
  • Moorala Marwada
  • Mathalingam Marimuth


Click here to go to official website of Sadhguru Mahashivratri celebration 2024 for more information

Click this to directly go to (Adiyogi) Mahashivratri tickets booking for Indians/foreigners


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