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The ESI Scheme, or Employees’ State Insurance Scheme of India, is a comprehensive social security program designed to offer economic and social protection to employees in the organized sector. It aims to safeguard employees against various situations such as sickness, maternity, disability, and death due to employment-related injuries. Additionally, the scheme provides medical benefits to insured employees and their families.

How does the scheme help the employees ?
  • Full medical care is provided to employees registered under the ESI Act, 1948, aiding in their recovery and restoration of health and work capacity.
  • Financial assistance is offered to compensate for the loss of wages during periods of absence from work due to sickness, maternity, or employment injury.
  • The scheme extends medical care benefits to the family members of the employee as well.
Exemption of a factory or establishment’ from ESI coverage :
  • Exemption from the provisions of the ESI Act is allowed if employees in a covered factory or establishment receive benefits substantially similar or superior to those provided under the Act.
  • The appropriate Government, in consultation with the ESI Corporation, may grant exemption to such factories or establishments for a period of one year at a time, prospectively.
  • Exempted units must apply for renewal three months before the expiry date of the prior exemption
Procedure for ESIC e-Payment :
  1. Login to ESIC Portal : Visit the official ESIC portal and log in using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to e-Payment Section : Once logged in, navigate to the e-Payment section. This section is usually found under the ‘Payments’ or ‘e-Services’ tab.
  3. Enter Payment Details : Enter the required payment details, including the amount to paid, the period for which the payment is made, and any other necessary information.
  4. Choose Payment Method : Select your preferred payment method. ESIC offers various payment options, including online banking, credit/debit card, or NEFT/RTGS transfer.
  5. Initiate Payment : After entering the payment details and selecting the payment method, initiate the payment process by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Initiate Payment’ button.
  6. Authorize Payment : If required, authorize the payment using the authentication method associated with your chosen payment option. This may involve entering a one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number or using your internet banking credentials.
  7. Confirmation : Once the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation message or email containing the transaction details.
  8. Download Payment Receipt : Optionally, you can download and save the payment receipt for your records. This receipt serves as proof of payment and contains essential information such as the transaction ID, amount paid, and payment date.
  9. Verify Payment : After completing the payment, verify that the payment reflects correctly in your ESIC account. This ensures that the payment has successfully processed and credited to your account.
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Procedure for Registration of an employer :
  • Employers are required to register their Factory or Establishment within 15 days from the date of its applicability to them.
  • Registration is done through the ESIC Portal at
  • During registration, employers provide details such as the factory/establishment name, address, principal employer’s name, bank account, PAN, and power usage for factories.
  • Additionally, information regarding the state, region, and email address is required.
  • Upon registration, employers receive a user ID and password via email.
  • They can then log in to using their email ID as the user ID and the password received via email.
  • Employers input necessary information into the portal, and upon successful registration, a 17-digit code number is generated automatically.
Manner of calculation and payment of contributions :
  1. Employers must file monthly contributions online through the ESIC portal for all their employees after registering them.
  2. The employer must provide details of the number of days worked and wages paid for each employee to determine the contribution amount.
  3. ESIC allows for online payment of ESI contributions by employers through a payment gateway offered by 58 banks, including SBI.
  4. The total contribution amount for all employees, including both employer and employee shares, must deposited in any branch of SBI by generating a challan online through the ESIC portal using the employer’s credentials.
Penal provisions for non-payment or delayed payment of contribution :
Period of Delay Rate of Damages (% p.a.)
Less than 2 months 5
2 to 4 months 10
4 to 6 months 15
6 months and above 25
For ESI compliance, employers must maintain the following records :
  1. Muster roll, wage record, and accounting books as per other regulations.
  2. Accident Register in the new Form-11.
  3. An inspection book.
  4. Immediate employers must also keep an Employees’ Register for employees assigned to the principal employer.
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Medical benefits of ESI :

– The insured person and their family are entitled to medical benefits from the first day of joining insurable employment.
– Newly covered individuals are eligible for primary and secondary medical care for themselves and their family for three months.
– If the insured person continues in insurable employment for three months or more, the benefits continue until the beginning of the corresponding benefit period.

Medical benefits are admissible for up to 730 days during a period of 3 years for the insured person and their family if :

  1. They have in ESI coverage for at least 2 years from the date of Online Registration.
  2. They have contributed for not less than 156 days.
  3. The insured person is eligible for Sickness Benefit in any one of the contribution periods and is suffering from any of the 34 specified long-term diseases.
  4. If the insured person, along with their family members, is eligible for Sickness Benefit in at least two contribution periods, they can receive super specialty treatment.
  5. The contributory condition does not apply for super specialty treatment in the case of an accident involving the insured person or their family member.
  •  Family members are entitled to full medical care whenever needed.
  • They can also receive artificial limbs and appliances as part of medical treatment.
  • Medical benefits continue for the family during the period the insured person is receiving unemployment allowance. If the insured person dies during this period, their family continues to receive medical benefits until the unemployment allowance ceases.
  • In the event of the insured employee’s death due to employment injury, the widow, widowed mother, and children are entitled to Dependants’ Benefit.
  • Funeral expenses up to Rs. 10,000 are covered for any family member or person who actually incurs the expense for the funeral.
Dependent Benefit is paid and at what rate ?
Dependent Rate of Benefit – Duration
Widow 3/5th of the full rate – Till death or remarriage
Widowed mother 2/5th of the full rate – Till death
Child 2/5th of the full rate – Till the age of twenty-five years
Unmarried daughter 2/5th of the full rate – Till marriage
Infirm son/daughter Continues to receive benefit after 25 years/marriage if wholly dependent on deceased’s earnings –  —
  • The rate of dependants’ benefit is 90% of the standard benefit rate of the wages of the deceased insured person.
  • The benefit is apportioned among the dependants as mentioned above.
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Benefits after Retirement :

  • An insured person who retires after insured for at least 5 years is eligible for medical benefits for themselves and their spouse upon retirement or voluntary retirement.
  • They need to provide proof of retirement and pay a nominal contribution of Rs. 120 for one year to receive this benefit.
  • If the insured person passes away, their spouse can continue to receive medical benefits by paying the same contribution.

Benefits after Permanent Disablement :

  • An insured person who becomes permanently disabled due to an employment injury and ceases to in insurable employment is eligible for medical benefits for themselves and their spouse.
  • They need to pay Rs. 120 for one year to receive this benefit until the date they would have retired if not for the permanent disablement.

Vocational Rehabilitation Programme :

  • Insured persons below 45 years of age and with a disability of at least 40% due to an employment injury are eligible for vocational rehabilitation.
  • Training is provided in government or accredited institutions according to Vocational Rehabilitation Centre norms.
  • Insured persons entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred during the training program, which includes a daily allowance of Rs. 123 or the rate set by the Centre, whichever is higher, along with conveyance charges at normal rates.

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